The J Word: A Podcast by Journalism Practice

The J Word 5.7: Valuing Voices in News

November 01, 2022 Season 5 Episode 7
The J Word: A Podcast by Journalism Practice
The J Word 5.7: Valuing Voices in News
Show Notes

Many of us hope that journalism provides a space for a diverse range of voices, though we also recognize that sometimes some voices are louder than others. In this episode, we hear from three scholars whose works in Journalism Practice deal with the elevations and subjugations of “voice.” In Nigeria, Nathan Oguche Emmanuel at National Open University of Nigeria, discusses the “voice,” or lack thereof, of sex workers in a patriarchal media sphere there. With a case based in Ireland, Lucia Vodanovic at the London College of Communication, in the U.K., talks through news coverage of the Irish abortion referendum, giving attention to the complexities of confessional journalism in sharing voices of those most affected by public policy. And, recorded separately, Kevin Hull, at the University of South Carolina, in the U.S., shares the influence of journalists’ voices in shaping news, having spoken for his co-authored piece with Black TV sports journalists there about their experiences in the sports media industry. 


Text and Resources Featured in this Episode:

Emmanuel, N. O., Suleiman, H. M., & Gever, C. V. (2022). Media and “Abhorrent” Profession: Portrayal of Sex Workers in a Patriarchal Nigerian Society. Journalism Practice, 1-23. 

Vodanovic, L. (2022). Confessional Journalism, Authenticity and Lived Experiences: A Case Study of News Stories Published During the Irish Abortion Referendum. Journalism Practice, 1-16.

Hull, K., Walker, D., Romney, M., & Pellizzaro, K. (2022). “Through Our Prism”: Black Television Sports Journalists’ Work Experiences and Interactions with Black Athletes. Journalism Practice, 1-18.

Sports Media Racial & Gender Report Card


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