The J Word: A Podcast by Journalism Practice

The J Word 4.6: Digital News Ethics, Data, & Disrespect

April 13, 2022 Season 4 Episode 6
The J Word: A Podcast by Journalism Practice
The J Word 4.6: Digital News Ethics, Data, & Disrespect
Show Notes

This is our each-season special featuring of thoughts from Journalism Practice’s Associate and Engagement editors that focuses on their own major and recent works to get us thinking about journalism in new ways across the globe. Associate Editor and Reader in the Department of Journalism at City, University of London, Zahera Harb, shares her work on combatting hate speech in newsrooms across the Middle East. Jaume Suau, at Ramon Lull University in Spain, also an Associate Editor, updates us on issues of disinformation that’s impacting journalism and his recent work on helping to shape a code of ethics for journalists across Europe. And, the journal’s new Engagement Editor, Eddy Borges-Rey, Associate Professor in Residence in the Journalism and Strategic Communication Program at Northwestern University in Qatar, brings to light an important discussion on journalism in the Global South.

Text and Resources Featured in this Episode:

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